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Consedo-Grupa Doradcza Sp. z o.o. provides services within the scope of broadly defined business security. Our company will help you to prepare relevant and effective guidelines and procedures on purchase execution; we will facilitate the creation and implementation of control, audit as well as analysis and supervision system devoted to investments or protection of sensitive information. If you have any doubts concerning any activities which may lead to frauds, at your request we will carry out forensic audit in the relevant field. We use the expertise and skills of people having experience in banking, business and government institutions. Professionalism and extensive experience of our consultants enable us to prepare optimal solutions tailored for your Company. Within business consulting we provide support in establishing branches of foreign companies in Poland. We ensure full organisational service of such a venture, assistance in selection of business partners as well as legal aid in this respect.

Consedo-Grupa Doradcza Sp. z o.o. organises and carries out training covering all aspects of Company functioning. Soft trainings during which participants can improve e.g. communication, assertiveness, management and negotiation skills. Our portfolio includes also hard trainings covering subject-matter preparation and training of skills necessary for work in certain environment. Our consultants will assess your needs and prepare company-custom training programmes. We organise both open and closed, single and regular trainings. Upon completion of a series of trainings we can provide you with a follow-up of progress and impact of the trainings on your Company's organisational improvement. Consedo-Grupa Doradcza Sp. z o.o. organises conferences and meetings devoted to those changes in economy, finance and law which significantly influence your Company's operation. Our offer is aimed mainly at present leaders and companies wishing to gain significant position in their sector.

The deepening crisis results in the fact that you are often made to temporary and timely cease to pay the liabilities (often without your fault). You are often misunderstood by your partners who have the liabilities collected for them.

Then you are often the subject of hostile correspondence, continuous phone calls and visits. The actions taken against you often make it impossible to manage the company in a reliable and peaceful manner. You spend time for business on answering phone calls from employees of collection agencies or meeting with liabilities collectors. This results in disorganization of both your work and work of your employees from accounting department; adversely impacts the atmosphere at work, demotivates and most importantly - decreases the image of the company meticulously established among business partners.

It happens that the actions and methods you adopt turn out to be breach of not only rights earmarked for the creditor but the best business practices as well. Interim problems do not cause you are the second class entrepreneur and do not mean that your Company will be pushed aside in the market life.

In order to respond to your problems, Consedo Grupa Doradcza Spółka z o.o. offers and provides support for actions related to the management of your liabilities. Our mediators will taken over the burden of contacts with creditor and their representatives. They will provide legal services and specialised consulting. On your behalf they will carry out correspondence and participate in meetings. Our objective, depending on the situation, is to carry out negotiations leading to reduction of liabilities, from withdrawal of interests and contractual penalties redress and to partial remittance of main liability.

We provide assistance at any stage of the proceedings, rendering comprehensive legal aid in the pre-judicial, judicial proceedings as well as during the enforcement proceedings instigated by liabilities collector.

We are also active in negotiations and renegotiations of liabilities towards creditors and financial situations such as banks. Apart from that we render services such as preparation of corrective and modernisation plans taking into account both current and forecast situation in your Company.

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